2015 Christmas Wishlist

If Santa asks me what I want for Christmas, it's an instant answer: to pass my board exam. But considering Santa only gives gifts he can actually slide down through a chimney, I'm gonna have to ask him for these ones instead :)

▲   The Luxe Sweater Sleeveless from Everlane

This would make a perfect outfit for Christmas Eve, especially if you live in a tropical country like myself. It's a different take on your usual mustard sweater and is one that flatters your shoulders. 

  Flared Skirt from Zara

I don't often wear skirts but this has gotta be an exception. Here's a really cute flared one that is wearable regardless if you're going casual or semi-formal. Plus, it's only 800 or roughly $18! 

▲   Loose-fit Cropped Trousers from COS

Who ever said that culottes are big "no-no" for petite girls is wrong. I've seen a lot of short celebrities wear cropped trousers and they look stunning. All it takes is a pair of versatile heels or perhaps a pair of pointed shoes and of course a size-wise length.

   Vintage Pajama Set from JCrew

This of JCrew's is a bit costly though (it's almost $100), I would say it is a little too fancy for just sleeping. I had no idea they would cost this much, I just thought it would be nice to have a new pair of Pajamas because why not.

   Star Wars Weekly Planner from Moleskine

Before narrowing down my favorite Christmas gifts, I even had light sabers and costumes on my list. For practical reasons, I ended up including just this Star Wars Moleskine with a killer cover!

   It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War by Lynsey Addario

Basically, I'm Lynsey Addario's #1 fan and that's it. 

▲   Keys-To-Go from Logitech

A portable lightweight universal not-so-expensive keyboard with style! I've been struggling to find a local store where I can purchase this but until now, my best option is still to buy it from ebay.

   Lightning to SD Camera Card Reader from Apple

No more of the camera to laptop to iphone sequence! Just recently, Apple launched a new version of this tool which is finally compatible with our iphones. This one I'm definitely buying!

▲   Anamorphic Lens from Moondog Labs

*Ultimate Christmas Wish* Since I found out that Tangerine was shot with just an iPhone 5s and this brilliant lens, I had to buy one. I have been saving for this for weeks but I'm not even near half of it because I have to pay for review school :( 

   Wide Lens from Moment

This may be the next best option to the anamorphic lens. I'm still partial though, not just because of the quality difference, but also because I usually don't like attaching the mounting plates "permanently" onto my iphone.

   Portra 400 from Kodak

This is my favorite negative film which unfortunately my supplier has stopped selling this year because of the low demand. So actually my Christmas wish is for people to love film again so I can buy mine huhu

   Deep Sea Sand Art by Klaus Bosch

A piece of beautifully unique artwork I hope I can someday buy.