2015 Holiday Cards

Time flies. And it doesn't just fly on an airplane, it flies on an incredibly fast jet plane. Only 28 days and it's already Christmas! What? How? I have no idea. Reviewing for my board exams has taken 95% of my time since November started and the remaining 5% was consumed by looking at my friends' snaps. My focus intensity has reached that point where I no longer remember what day it was and when my sole reference of time was dependent on how many clothes were in my hamper. I guess, I was just really surprised that this month is ending in a matter of four days. On the bright side, let me echo, only 28 days and it's already Christmas.

I love everything about Christmas! The cold air, the bright lights, the sweaters, the christmas carols, the get-togethers of family and old friends, the greens and the reds, buying gifts, and perhaps, receiving gifts (Let's be honest:). Everybody seems much more cheerful and carefree during holidays. 

Anyway, I was planning to share the Christmas spirit with a few friends and family overseas by sending them greeting cards. Considering the inconsistency of airmails' date of arrival, I already began searching the world wide web, which I suggest you should to. And I ended up finding these 8 wonderful christmas cards:

  1. Carolers by Quill & Fox ($4.50)
  2. Ugly Sweaters by Hello! Lucky ( $5.00)
  3. Nativity by Rifle Paper Co. ($10.00)
  4. Pop-up Angel Tree by Metropolitan Museum of Art ($17.95) 
  5. Merry & Bright Holiday Card Set by Kate Spade ($25.00)
  6. Happy Christmas Card by Sugar Paper ($5.50)
  7. Swooshing Down the Slopes by Mr. Boddington's Studio ($4.75)
  8. Winter Village by Red Cap Cards ($4.50) 

I'll be having my vacation from review school pretty soon and I already have a few things in store for my readers this coming yuletide season! At the moment, I'm also planning some DIY holiday cards, anybody interested on exchanging postcards?

PS: I know I made a pretty stupid gif, the light moves from right to left lol :D

Christmas Card on Title Photo by Laima Marija Kamarauskaite