22 Years

Last February 28, my parents celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary! 

As it appears, my father just discovered how to do the peace sign and now he's obsessed with it. haha :)

My parents are my personal relationship goals. I hate to say that phrase but it's true. I love how instantly my parents connect, how they constantly tease each other, how they never run out of things to tell each other, how they never really hold any grudges against each other, how they're oddly sweet to each other and basically, how they always seem to be distinctively predetermined to be with each other.

We celebrated their special day at a recently opened Ilocano restaurant located along Bantay, Ilocos Sur, which is owned by my parents' good friend, Dennis Chu, who also happens to supply them with poultry supply. 

We ordered Inihaw na Pusit, Sinigang na Salmon, Sizzling Sisig and Pancit Canton, apparently more than enough for just three people.

The owner's advocacy is to push farm to plate to keep all meals very fresh. You may visit their website here.