5 Things I want to do this December

I started this series just last month and I already feel twice more productive. So quick recap, I was able to save money, go glamping, read 3 out of 4 of book list, refrain from tweaking my layout and minimize the use of social media. Now, I've giving this month another go.

1. Binge on Classic Christmas Movies

Aside from foreign films, I am also a huge of classic movies. The films are often so simple but they always possess very witty humor. I love A Christmas Carol from 1947 because Alastair Sim has always been and will always be the best Uncle Scrooge. I also adore Holiday Inn because who doesn't want to sing along with Bing Crosby's timeless Christmas songs? *sings... Happy Holidays & I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas*


2. Buy Presents

Recently, there's this emotional video circling around facebook where siblings finally bought their father's dream car for him. I would love to buy my parents a freaking yacht, if only I could. For the mean time, I have to settle with the things I scored from a holiday sale. Hopefully, by next year, I finally get to have my professional license, work with a much higher salary and save enough to buy my parents whatever they want for Christmas.

3. Share the spirit of Christmas

It has been our family's Christmas Tradition to spend Christmas Day with less fortunate kids. We live comfortably but nothing near to living a luxurious lifestyle. Nonetheless, we try our best to prepare for festive meals, prove numerous fun prizes for relay games and collect usable old clothing for donation. It has always been such a warm and precious experience to bring glad tidings to those who, sadly, can't afford to set and cook for a proper Noche Buena and celebrate the yuletide season but are just as deserving as everyone else.


4. Catch up with Friends

One of the best thing about coming home for the holidays is getting to see families and old friends. We already made plans and hopefully, everybody actually comes this time because lets face it... *Adult friendship problems*


5. EXCHANGE Postcards

Since 2013, I've been exchanging postcards with friends I have met through travelling and joining international organizations. This year, I would like to start sending my personal holiday greetings to friends I've made through this online platform. If in case you're interested to participate in an exchange, you may comment your address below or if you wish to keep it private, just click the button below and complete the form. I'll be collecting submissions until December 15 8:00 pm (+8:00 GMT) & by the way, here's my present address: 

707 Earnshaw St. Manila, 1008 Metro Manila, Philippines