5 Things I want to do this November

My November goals, from glamping to making life decisions. *fingers crossed*


For two reasons:

a) So I can actually buy my Christmas wishlist. Last year, I blogged about the things I want to have for the holidays and guess just how many among those did I actually get. Zero. This time, I'm making sure I get to strike at least 50% (or 40%) out of the list. If you're just like me, or if your godparents no longer give you presents anymore (or perhaps they never actually did), then I must recommend you also start saving now. And

b) Because I wanna prepare something special for my youngest sister 18th birthday. With that regard, anybody else has any other bright idea what I should give my sister? She's devoted to arts and into mystery books.


I had glamped before but sad to say, only in our frontyard. Back in the province, it's easy to catch a view of the stars. Here in the metro, city lights may look oh so fancy but I still prefer the nature's goodness. Unfortunately, I rarely get to see even just a single one.

I've already saved the dates. I have decided to go glamping on the weekend of November 12 and 13. However, I'm still uncertain where I should go. I'm torn between Bloc Campsite and Anawangin Cove. Also, I don't have anyone to go with, again. I guess, this one's part of glorious solo trips again. I love me-time and solo adventures!

3. Read at least 1 book per weekend


Just me, a great cup of coffee and my iPad all weekend. Plus, I also hope to make a review after reading each one.


Whether or not I should spend the holidays alone abroad

I want it, I want it so bad. I'm thinking somewhere near, like Hong Kong or Japan. I know it's my own money, but I always feel guilty. I don't wanna spend that much money and experience all by myself. 

Whether or not I should seek a new therapist

After my previous therapist left for abroad, it felt like things have been uncontrollable. She recommended this other therapist but it hasn't been going that well. At first, I thought I just needed some time to get used to it but it's been months and I still feel uncomfortable. My dilemma is what if I seek a new and still feel discomfort.

Whether or not I should apply to a graduate business school

My german friend Luisa who stayed in our flat for almost a year highly recommends that I continue graduate school in Germany. Not having to pay any tuition fee (even for international students like myself) is such a huge pro. Nonetheless, that means I will no longer be able to work on a full-time job and I'm unsure if I can afford Germany. The deadlines are still due in May, but I have to review and take GMAT and I'm not quite settled how long that will take.


I know it's November, not Lent, but I've gotten myself in quite some trouble because I was way too distracted doing these things:

Tweaking my blog layout

The thing about squarespace is that its designs are too effortless to edit. I've become obsessed with how my blog looks like, I actually spend more time fixing my layout rather than blogging. I made sure my current layout will already have that kinda yuletide feeling so hopefully, I won't feel the need to change it (again) until perhaps January.

Social media

In fact, I already informed my friends and folks on facebook and on instagram that I won't be in touch via those accounts for three months or so. And if I really wanna pursue a Masters degree abroad, I know I gotta do this.


I watched W-Two Worlds, Cinderella and Four Knights, and Love in the Moonlight continuously. Plus after two episodes of Love in the Moonlight, I fell in love with Park Bo Gum so I even watched his Reply 1988 which are like two hours per episode. I vow to abstain until the end of the year or even until Bo Gum gets a new drama, whichever is longer(?).

Wish me luck!

xx Tienne