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2015 Holiday Cards

Time flies. And it doesn't just fly on an airplane, it flies on an incredibly fast jet plane. Only 28 days and it's already Christmas! What? How? I have no idea. Reviewing for my board exams has taken 95% of my time since November started and the remaining 5% was consumed by looking at my friends' snaps. My focus intensity has reached that point where I no longer remember what day it was and when my sole reference of time was dependent on how many clothes were in my hamper. I guess, I was just really surprised that this month is ending in a matter of four days. On the bright side, let me echo, only 28 days and it's already Christmas...

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To-Go List: Europe

I didn't really have enough time to tour Europe back when I visited in 2013. The two months I spent there was solely for work. I had free weekends but they were only sufficient for out-of-town visits. Plus, I was there during one of the worst springs in Europe. I visited in April yet it was still freezing then...

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Based on True Story

Here's one hell of a crazy news we all found out last week - Ezra Miller, Thomas Mann, Keir Gilchrist, Callan McAuliffe, Moises Arias and of course, Miles Heizer (my future husband) a.k.a. all our favorite new generation of movie actors are all in one movie! 

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