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22 Years

Last February 28, my parents celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary! My parents are my personal relationship goals. I hate to say that phrase but it's true. I love how instantly my parents connect, how they constantly tease each other, how they never run out of things to tell each other...

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Old Friends

Just a week ago, I went home to attend a small class reunion. I was kinda hesitant to go at first because I would miss the Friday review class and had no clear reassurance that it's still possible for me to sit-in in the subsequent week but I figured, screw it, I really miss this bunch of people...

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Back from Hiatus

Well, let me kick you off with the latest ones. 

I'm still pissed of how the recent Grammy turned out. I already figured proper verdict was not given to whom they are due. I mean, there's so much more good music out there. It's not a far stretch to say it's just a shame. If it makes anyone feel any better, I'm just really glad that it was a lot less highkey than the golden globes. 

Anyways, Hi!

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Welcoming Family

Vassapenin! Hello everyone. I'm out and about after posting no decent blog article, no decent instagram photo and no decently engaging tweet. Although, come to think of it, I've actually been pretty preoccupied. It's just that, now, I find it extra necessary to think twice (or thrice) whenever I post something. I just wanted things to make more sense. Dang, deep heh...

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