A Day in Baguio

December 18, Before the actual "Day", 1:00 pm

An hour after my last review class of the year, I had decided to make yet another spontaneous decision. I had been itching to go on an out-of-town solo adventure but previously given certain constraints, it was impossible for me to do so. Plus, in matters where I spend on things solely for my benefit, my extremely frugal ilocana spirit arises and argues against my wallet. However, I felt bad for blowing off my plans with myself. So I decided to go to on a quick stop in Baguio before heading home.

I was anxious to ask my parents for permission because the next day was already my father's birthday. So I asked my sister's help and build me up. They agreed but I ended up having to bring her to my supposedly solo adventure.

11:30 pm

We went earlier at the bus station which happens to be just a few steps away from our apartment. We already got our seats reserved at around 3:00 pm and all that's left was to include a few thicker jackets in our bags.

The bus left at 11:30. PS: It was my third consecutive one-day-trip to the city. If I'm not mistaken, the last time I spent an  overnight in Baguio was still back in 2010.

December 19, 5:00 am

We arrived at dawn in Baguio and waited until the sun rose to grab a taxi on the way to our cousin's house in Loakan to drop off our bags. To our surprise, the first taxi driver we rode with was unlike the usual taxi drivers of Baguio you've heard of. He was rude and insensitive. He got mad because we got a bit lost when in fact I told him beforehand that I wasn't exactly sure where my cousin's house was but I'll recognize it when we're near the airport. It was infuriating but I guess at least we did arrive at their house safely. 

9:00 am

First Destination -  Camp John Hay. However, we got a bit lost again. We took a jeepney ride and unfortunately passed camp. We ended up going to SM Baguio first to get a glimpse of the city center. Afterwards, we thought it was better to get a cab this time.

10:00 am

We spent the first few minutes just roaming around the camp. My phone said it was 16 degrees in Baguio but the cold never bothered me at all. I guess I set my expectations a little too high or perhaps, I was already used to cold weather considering review classrooms always felt like layers-won't-save-you kind of rooms. 

We originally planned to visit and go for the zip line, however, we were not allowed to proceed because my sister was wearing a dress. So we paid a visit to Bell house instead. And then . . . the magic happened.

Bell House was a lot like how I envisioned Christmas should be. I've always dreamed of having that Mcalister's house vibe at our home during the holidays. Bell house, named after General J. Franklin Bell, is the original vacation home of the Commanding General of the Philippines. 

Apparently, I've a developed a new love of shooting mobile photos in 16 x 9 probably because of snapchat.

12:30 pm

We dined at Melt inside Camp John Hay and spent more time just walking around the camp.I felt calm. I intended to go there, not exactly for a tourist-y kind of vacation, but more for peace of mind and for unwinding.

2:30 pm

We left John Hay to go back to the city center. When I saw the bikes in Burnham Park I just knew I had to ride one. And then we went to visit Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral, better known as Baguio Cathedral. Session road was too crowded, we knew we had to hop to another destination.

4:00 pm

We decided to go to BenCab Museum after my cousin, Joco, insisted so. It was a bit difficult to find a taxi willing to take us there because they said it was traffic due to road repairs. Luckily, a taxi driver named Manong Bernard saved us in distress. Finally, we met a trustworthy and courteous driver in Baguio. Considering BenCab is a bit far from the town and that it is very rare for taxis to come by, he even told to simply send him a text in case we needed a ride back.

Joco and Cheena


We left Baguio at around 11 in order to make it to my father's birthday. Overall, I can say it was another great spontaneous decision, despite the leg pains I suffered. Looking forward to another Baguio adventure maybe this year! Perhaps, a food adventure this time. :)