A Quick Catch Up


Hello readers & fellow blogger friends!

I know my annoying ass has been gone for quite a while again but I'm back. And hopefully, this time I get to blog more often because although sometimes (or oftentimes lolz) blogging may be a piece of work, I mean let's not sugarcoat it, it's still one best ways to actually deviate the actual stress we get from work and perhaps, school stuff. It's an odd fascination but if you're reading this right now, then I can assume you do love blogging and visiting blogs just as much as I do.


Anyway, first things first, I moved! 

Not physically though, not just yet. Apparently, I'm no longer foregathers.life, I'm back to foregathers.com. I had issues with the DNS of my old domain which then led to more complications when I was trying to renew it when it expired at the end of July. That's the very reason I haven't posted anything. My old friend, Dax, who forced me to go out yesterday and go see a movie (Dunkirk is a 9/10 btw but because Harry Styles is there, I give the movie a 9.5/10), proposed that I should just proceed with changing my domain and switching back to godaddy because boooo 1&1. So I did, and that pretty much kept me preoccupied all morning because migrating things online is never easy especially when the internet speed is not on our side. 


I started working for KPMG just recently. If you're not so familiar with it, *brief background*, it's one of the four largest professional services networks in the world, offering audit, assurance services, taxation, management consulting, advisory, actuarial, corporate finance and legal services. I work under advisory but just this week I was assigned to provide internal audit support for a multinational company. The transfer had me so stoked especially after hearing the news that the last associate the company sent to audit that certain corp was immediately promoted to supervisor, in just a matter of 7 months!!! So I do hope I perform well, fingers crossed!

With that regard, I committed myself to focus on my career first. Unfortunately, that means I had to decline a few invites, like this one time my cousins in Taipei invited me to go to Taiwan on October but because we have a huge interim deadline on October I don't think I can afford to pay a visit. Basically, the rule is no massive non-work-related-travel for me until I get promoted.

On another note, I have plans to move closer to work because the truth is I love my work a lot but it's the commute that's slaughtering me alive. 


I had a dramatic fringe haircut (which you might hva e noticed from a few of the other photos.) I finally got sick of the same old haircut I had kept for about two years.

Korean culture has collectively racked me! However, I am actually not watching any kdrama at the moment (which completely devastates me :( so if you have any suggestions, I'm begging you hahaha pls let me know) but I got so hooked with underground korean music just recently. I would definitely recommend you go checkout Danielions' Playlists

I'm so sorry if my thoughts are all over the place but I assure you I have better contents coming so stay tuned.

How have you guys been lately?

xx Tienne