Back from Hiatus

Well, let me kick you off with the latest ones. 

I'm still pissed of how the recent Grammy turned out. I already figured proper verdict was not given to whom they are due. I mean, there's so much more good music out there. It's not a far stretch to say it's just a shame. If it makes anyone feel any better, I'm just really glad that it was a lot less highkey than the golden globes. 

Anyways, Hi!

I turned off my notifications, I deleted all the unnecessary apps on my phone and I even learned how to hide unwanted iphone apps just to concentrate. I admit I'm not very good at totally committing myself to one thing so I reckoned it's better to wipe out all the temptations first, which, in the end, was actually very effective. The social media withdrawal syndrome wasn't exactly tough, but it did give me headaches during the first few days. I was out to focus on my preboard, but good riddance.

I felt busy and at the rate that I'm going it seems like I'm just gonna take 20 photos a year. And here's 4 out of 20:

While I was out, the only the thing that has probably kept me entertained was watching at least a single episode of Gilmore Girls a day. (yoohoo!) I am a BIG BIG BIG Jess and Rory fan. And if you are one (a massive jess and rory fan), we might as well be best friends. I swoon for Jess, and I had been constantly disappointed how Milo has not gotten any good roles over the years after the show. Good thing Netflix is bringing back Gilmore Girls.

Also, as inspired by Gilmore girls, I'm reading Moby Dick right now.

One more thing is official, I am a morning person! It's on top of my new year's resolution list and I'm actually surprised how easy it was to adjust. I usually wake up around half past five (or even earlier) and I sleep at around ten or eleven. Under fair assessment, I would say I've been more productive since then. A good habit pays off.

I had gone out with a few friends here and there, I had cut my hair again, but as per usual, I'm still going bananas about all the reading and reviewing that's happening but I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still alive. I feel great that a good cup of coffee actually suffice and kinda just wanted to ask how you guys are doing as well. Let me know what else has been keeping you busy, what you've been reading, listening to or watching. 

Art by Local Preacher