Crush Moments


1. Stalking.

It never ends. We can't go opening our facebook or instagram without checking their page. And somehow, we remember random details of their posts vividly. You type the first letter of their name in and facebook already knows. There is sometimes (or oftentimes) that odd desire to find out every single thing about them. We go through their pictures and see our mutual friends. We might as well be Sherlock Holmes.

2. Constantly sidelong glancing.

We always try catch a glimpse because we think we'll look thirsty if we stare too long. But when we catch their eyes, there goes them butterflies again! It's always a conscious effort. We feel like we're always taking a risk when wetry to look at them. Sometimes, we even have this general strategy in mind. *sings pasulyap sulyap ka kunwari, filipino friends will know ;)*

3. Building connections and yet pretending to act hostile.

We try to talk to their friends but never to them. As much as possible, we try to ignore them. We don't want to get caught. We start to calculate the amount of attention we show them. We try to act like they don't exist when in fact, yes, I kinda wanna have lunch here too so I intentionally sat exactly four tables away from yours. Because we have to be completely normal and damn cool and composed.

4. Over-analyzing and being overconfident.

"We both wore navy shirts yesterday. It wasn't just coincidence, it's meant to be."

"We both like Stranger Things. This is destiny calling.

Suddenly, everything has its meaning. Everytime we overhear your crush talking, we think they're purposely trying to let us know. We often attempt to read their body language and search for any hidden messages whenever we have a conversation. We overthink both their actions and ours.

5. Giggling. A lot.

Because, honestly, that's just how we respond to the nervousness whenever they're around while hoping we don't do anything ridiculous like blogging about having a crush hahaha.