Hello Easy Days!

It's 2017! I hope it's not yet too late for me to express my greetings. Happy New Year!

I feel terrible for not being able to respond to all the wonderful wishes and comments you left in this online abode of mine. I’ve been writing on this blog since 2014 and it has become a repository for my photos, some reviews, random favorite things—basically, a modern-day diary. A pretty public account of an oversharer that, for some reason, some of you started reading. (Thank you so much, by the way.) 

Anyway, I'm still  alive and kicking despite lacking incredible amount of sleep and rest. I have been spending most of my time in the library since late November because like I mentioned I've committed myself to taking GMAT and my CPA board exam, both of which I'll be taking in the middle of this year. It was kinda nice to feel like a student again. I was that kid who has always loved school and unsurprisingly, I still do. At times, I get so drained that I wonder what on earth was I thinking on that day I pushed myself but I try my best to stay optimistic.

Good thing, I was able to visit home for the holidays and feel carefree, even if it's just temporarily. Here is what a day at my hometown looks like.

Climbing up a mountain to get to our old spot, a place where my cousins and I used to visit often when we were younger and apparently, more fit and dynamic. It used to take us barely 15 minutes to reach the top but now it takes us almost twice longer. 

My Papang poses for an inside joke. haha Family will know.

Here's my folks who are constantly teasing each other and a poor but incredibly delicious roasted pig.

Celebrating my Papang's 52nd birthday in one of our most favorite restaurants. 

Lots of food, laughs and karaoke!

And my sister, Noellee, who's completely enamored with this cute chic <3

It was really a refreshing feeling to be back home and now, I back to my long list of agendas but way more pumped and driven than last year. How did everyone else spend their holidays? 

xx Tienne