I'm a CPA!

Now how should I start this blogpost. It seems like I’m unable to remember how to write a proper one without sounding too sappy. Is it possible that reviewing for my licensure exam has single handedly drained me of my creative fervor? I hope not. Perhaps, I should start with the good news.

Newsflash, I passed the CPA board exam and my law school admissions!!!

I heard the news Monday night and it still feels so surreal (that basically sums up why I’m still at a loss for eloquent words). I'm still numb, you can literally kick me in the face and I wouldn't feel a thing.

God knows it’s never been easy ride. I had to temporarily abandon most of the activities I was so used to doing, had to move into a new flat and stick with a strict system so I could concentrate on my review. Although, I've had plenty of moments just lying in bed thinking about how sometimes bad and unfortunate things happen to good people, but also sometimes very good things eventually come to people who have been through bad things. Now, I know for certain that it is true. 

I am overwhelmed with the incredible amount congratulations and sincere compliments. I'll keep it short but I'll leave off this post with this gratefulness for the new hardworking and generous friends I've met through my review, for the abundance of prayers and for God’s blessing of a start of beautiful career. I want to thank my family, especially my parents, for their remarkably ceaseless support. 

May you, too, wake up every morning with renewed hopes and great values.

xx Tienne

PS: I've been gone for a while and I feel so mia. I've got a lot of spare time until the oath-taking and I'd love to read your posts, watch your vlogs and all that. So please do send away your links, can't wait to get inspired through your art!