Keeping it Together

I had an overall excellent week.

Not too shabby and fortunately, a lot less complex than last week aka when I had a theory my neck was about to break. Sorry for babbling about this thing about review school. I really wish I had something more conventional to talk about but, given this whole review, like I told you,  actually takes 95% of my time (and now the other 5% on watching Gilmore Girls), I just couldn’t.

But enough with the sad part of it, here comes the good news. I made it to the Top 79!

It doesn’t really sound that grabbing when I say it like that. So everytime I share this news, I always tell people I belong to the Top 79, out of approximately 4000 reviewees. So doing the math, I belong to the top 1.975%. Plus, I’m even in the Top 20 for each subject ranking. Bearing in mind that the CPA board exam usually results to an average passing percentage of, let’s say, 20%, it just gives me hope that I might actually be able to make it through with my neck still attached to my head.

To be honest, I didn’t think I’d make it even to the Top 100 at all. I already braced myself for the worst case scenario especially considering the how hard it was to get a grip of myself back in undergrad because of anxiety. Well, it's not that I'm not scared anymore, in fact, I don't really feel any less overwhelmed but it feels great that now it's much easier to disconnect my thoughts from irrelevant things that occasionally cloud my mind. My life is nothing close to linear, and it’s okay, I guess, because that’s how everything else is supposed to be.

Anyway, I rewarded myself right after my preboard and went to watch The Revenant. It took me quite an effort because apparently, most theaters are no longer showing the movie. I just thought that's pathetic because the movie is very much commendable. I definitely recommend you go watch it. 

So I just spent another "nonchalant" day reading and answering a pile of handouts. Wishing everybody had a week as delightful as mine!

xx, Tienne