Living under a Rock

Before anything else, I know that this week has been tough for all of us to handle especially after the senseless tragedy in Orlando that shocked the entire world. My heart is with all of the families and friends who lost someone that night, with the city of Orlando as it deals with the hate that lingers in the air and with those whose existence is in threat because of hatred.

Anyhow, hello blog! I’m sorry I’ve not written for a while but not much is going on except life - reading books, visiting my grandmother, drinking excessive cups of chamomile tea, binging on korean dramas, obsessively crushing on Kentaro Sakaguchi, and cuddling our irresistible puppies. 

This is the longest I’ve been home since that summer before I interned in Italy, which was way back in 2013, a lifetime ago. It was the summer my grandfather died so I had to go home as soon as my school break started. I was home for roughly a month before I headed to Europe on the last week of that April. 

It always feels good to be home, despite the absence of an unfailing internet connection. It was rough but I had to temporarily accustom myself with this thug life. I read my emails and visited my facebook only once a week, which pretty much explains why I appear to have been off the radar for far too long. 

Every afternoon, I’d accompany my father in fetching my grandmother, Lola Santang, who usually spends her day in a small farm behind my uncle’s grocery store which, although only 15 minutes away, is still in another town.

Every now and then, I’d spend an entire day there and that’s where I’d do my reading. I had all the time to read again. It felt great to read all the books at home as if it's my first time brushing my fingers through those pages again.

When I was not reading, I'd find entertainment in watching old DVD's like Ghostbusters, Mars Attacks!, and whatever that was on my hard drive. I was also surprised I have already downloaded and compiled quite a few foreign films, I have 187 to be exact. I have films in French, Turkish, Japanese, Russian, you name it. I watched Winter Sleep and La Grande Bellezza countless times, I have memorized the lines (in foreign language) by heart.

Last note, rainy season has started which means more seafood for me! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m gradually losing my appetite for meat. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore bacon, bbq and pork ribs but I’ve been surprisingly hooked with salads and anything fish lately I might officially convert to pescetarianism by the end of the year… lol who was I kidding :)

I feel pretty frustrated that I don’t post on this blog a whole lot anymore. I am still very tied to my blog as an outlet for expression and art appreciation, one that is unparalleled in scope and access to interesting strangers, and all that jazz.

All I can say is that I’m at such an interesting time in my life, one that simultaneously uneventful and incredibly momentous. Like what Charlie would say, I’ve been too busy trying to participate.

Overall, I just really wanted to say hi! I am alive! (Is anyone still reading this? hahahaha).