I haven’t made an obnoxiously long blog post about life in a bit, I feel v nostalgic and hope I still have a small audience for that crap. Get ready because I have a doozy coming. I can't believe I haven't posted anything since June. (Okay, maybe I can). Mostly, I can't believe that July and August feel like they only just happened. Anyway, I feel like you have enough posts with me whining about how time flies, so forget that. Instead, sneak a peek from what I've been up to.

I was motivated to post something new because of two reasons; 1) I just switched my Instagram to a business profile, and it makes me feel like such a pro at the moment, and 2) because exactly two days from now, I'll be celebrating my 22nd birthday, so I kinda wanted to feature a few highlights of my 21st year of existence, most of which I have not previously posted here yet. There has been loads of ups and downs. It's a lot of photos, I know, but you don't have to gaze at it, I just wanted to keep some kind of record—a reminder for myself. 

How my typical day actually looks like

Casually hanging out with friends and family

Treated Cheena for her birthday in a quite fancy restaurant

Our first real vacation in a long while


This dreamy place.

Food and basically me, trying to act cute. 

Snapchat madness

I've been practicing my mobile photography skills in all sorts of dim-ish lighting. In case you're curious, I used my iPhone 5s to take all photos in this post. Although note that I mostly used a semi-professional app called ProCam to maximize the quality of my photos. 

Overall, it's been an incredible year and I am more excited for the years to come!

Until next time,

Tienne xx