Old Friends

Just a week ago, I went home to attend a small class reunion. I was kinda hesitant to go at first because I would miss the Friday review class and had no clear reassurance that it's still possible for me to sit-in in the subsequent week but I figured, screw it, I really miss this bunch of people.

Supposedly, the plan was that I and Danna would travel together. I ended up going home alone for some reasons, which still kind of upsets me because I haven't seen her in like a year or so. It took me a week to blog this because apparently I had some catching up with my books to do and unfortunately, Manang Sally had to go home because her husband was ill. Now, I am responsible for cooking and doing laundry for three more people. I don't mind it being exhausting but it's too demanding. I just really feel bad I could no longer attend my daily morning mass because I had to cook breakfast for my sisters. Sigh.

Enough with the rant and back to this recap. Let me just say, this is definitely the Best Reunion we had so far - a lot of people showed up, it was loud, it was fun and it was full of stories (and food). It was really delightful to see old faces for the first time after such a long while. So massive thanks to Glori, Lucelle and Joanna (for coming home all the way from US) for arranging this!

L-R: Garnette, Romanset, Me, Andrea, Deneve aka Team Couch because it was too hella windy outside that time.


I'm so proud of my batchmates, a lot of who are already professionals and licensed. In fact, we have this theory that one of our classmates is already a millionaire (Hi Celine!). It was Pig-out night, Karaoke night and Game night (We played Uno cards, which I absolutely suck at) all rolled into one. It was far better than I expected and I am pretty convinced made the right choice to ditch review school, well, just once. 

Also, shout out to one of my good friends who's migrating to Canada soon. To (one of, ehem Beloy) my favorite seatmate, Romanset, we'll miss you! Make sure to come home after two years like you promised.

1L-R: Richard, Rodolfo, Arive, Glori, Lucelle, Bernard, Marius and Joanna; 2L-R: EA and Gicen

Please bare with the mobile photos. Silly me, I was too excited that I forgot to bring my camera.