Only God Forgives (2013)

Time flies so fast, who would believe it has been more than two years! It feels like I just watched this movie yesterday, when I spent an entire afternoon just lying on the couch after having decided to watch more bloodfest films subsequent to watching three volumes of Kill Bill earlier that day. I wasn't particularly a fan of this movie, in fact, every five minutes of watching it, I had to question Ryan Gosling's lack of both acting and dialogue. Honestly, up until now, I think the Thai characters were really the highlights of the movie. Or perhaps, I was expecting too much. I was extremely excited to watch the movie considering Gosling has reunited with Nicolas Winding Refn, the director of Drive in 2007. Well, despite Gosling's inability to portray a convincing American gangster, Refn offered an incredible control to the movie's artistic aspects. Taking into consideration the fact that I actually watched this before Spring Breakers, I would say I rank it second, next to Enter the void, on my list of favorite neon-themed movies. :)