Parties just for two


I feel so grateful and fortunate to have this person to share stuff with and who voluntarily eases my troubles and generally makes life more fun, more buoyant.

Someone who simultaneously accepts me as I am, today, but is also excited about who I can be, tomorrow. Someone who unremittingly reminds me that my limitations or flaws are something to behold and admire, but only briefly – only before they evolve into catalysts of change, and a purpose to grow. Someone who will do literally anything it takes to help me reach new, greater heights, who is not afraid to challenge and ask the hard questions, because sometimes “having your best interest at heart” looks a little realer and grittier than we are led to believe. 

Everything is very straightforward. My heart feels so light when I am with this person who is so preoccupied with energy and momentum that he will not settle for today’s reality when tomorrow’s can be better. 

I don’t know if there are words that are enough to convey the way I feel sometimes, and language often fails me when I want to express the boundlessness of it all. I never knew or believed I would understand this, but I do, and I am so dang lucky. 

Thank you for the company, the food, the simplicity and solace!