Sorasart & Gluta

Meet Gluta, a dog whose adorable smiles are so infectious you might find yourself inadvertently grinning, too. Looking at her happy face, it might be hard to believe that Gluta was once a stray dog abandoned on the streets of Thailand. Luckily, she was taken in by Sorasart Wisetsin, who lovingly nursed her back to health after discovering that the pup had some serious medical issues. After being diagnosed with metritis, Gluta had to have her uterus removed. Although she seemed to be getting better, it wasn't too long before she was further diagnosed with cervical cancer. A year and a half of chemotherapy and surgical laser treatments later, Gluta was finally tumor-free.

"Her sad eyes turned to shine brightly with cheer like never before," says her human. "And from now on, there will be only smile on her face." Since her recovery, Gluta's bright face and wagging tail have brought joy to…


Coincidentally, our six-year-old japanese spitz is also named Gluta. We named her after glutathione, basically, because she was just too white. I wish I could photograph her smile like this too! Kudos to Sorasart for the wonderful photographs, even more so, for her kindness!