Hell No!

Aspire to have Whiter Complexion

It really saddens me to live in a "democratic" country where the a part of social structure is built on pointless hierarchies like how well one speaks english, how multi-racial a person is and of course, how white your skin is. My german friend, Luisa, who happens to be living at our apartment for months now, always mentions how much she loves the Filipinos' natural "kayumanggi" (brown in tagalog) skin. In fact, back on the first time I accompanied her to buy groceries, she was so surprised after seeing an entire isle of whitening soaps and lotions. She said people in Europe pay a lot to get tanned and yet people here have no idea how stunning their skin color is.

Get a Tattoo

Considering I'm gonna have to work professionally as an accountant soon (hopefully), tattoos are a complete "no no". Or until having a tattoo does not entirely qualify for blood donation, I vow not to get one. At least just in case somebody important needs my blood, I am in condition to donate.

Kill Someone (Including Myself)

Pope Francis once said, "No life is more valuable than another." For the troubled ones, here is another Anna Akana video to help you out :)

I tried to write my bucket list but I wanted to do so many things, it took me two pages to list them all down. So I figured, since I have a limitless number of things I want to do, I'll just write the things I don't wanna do instead.

Here is a list of the things I hope I will never do before I die:

Hold a Tarantula

Or any large arachnid for that matter. If there's something Ron Weasley and I have in common, it's certainly the fear of the eight-legged crawling arthropods. Spider-man sure is amazing but I am not planning to get bitten by any spider any time soon.

Visit Boracay

Despite the millions of people who visit Boracy every year, I've never really dreamed of visiting the island. There's just too many tourists everywhere. If I would to compare Boracay to a song, it would be to a pitiful overrated Nicki Minaj song... don't want unless you got buns hun

Well, if it's any consolation, I don't really know how to swim, that's why I never really learned to fully appreciate the beauty of beaches unlike how a few others see them.

Become Vegan

Enough with the hipster lifstyle talk, I love vegetable salads but I would never give up meat and other animal products, including honey. Plus, let's face it, bacon is life.

Do Twilight Marathon

To be honest, I do like Kristen Stewart. I loved her in Adventureland, What Just Happened, and Into the Wild (and currently looking forward to Still Alice and Clouds of Sils Maria) With the twilight hate set aside, she does have a number of good movies. This just signifies how important director management is in a movie, and the twilight series direction was just so poor, it got me asking why people pay to see that crap, like tell me, "Say it, say it out loud!" hehe

Have Sex with a Stranger

Serious talk. While modern religions have defined sacred and spiritual as being separate from the body, from nature, and certainly from sex, I still believe in the strict rules of relationship when it comes to intimacy. There is a role in sex which implies the need for an awareness of one's limits. And I'd like to think that it is a celebration in unity of a marriage. In the concept of the holiness of sex, it simply applies that sex is still more than a physical act, regardless of how sex-saturated our modern culture is and of how many times nonbelievers dabble in the context of pleasure and somehow, of ignorance.

Go Bare for the sake of Art

This is also in line with not having sex with a stranger and with my strong belief as regards the sacredness of our physical bodies.