Tidbits? Tidbits!


Things that happened

1. I just turned 23!

2. Stuck in the awkward stage of growing my fringe.

3. Last night I went to a slam poetry session raised for mental health awareness. After the event, I closed my eyes and saw shapes and colors instead of black. (This hasn’t happened in a long time.)

4. Been feeling dizzy more often lately. Company doctor says I need to get a new pair of eye glasses (which I hate because they always slip down my saddest flat nose)

5. Never had the energy nor time (not really) to jog or do any kind of exercise, so I decided to start eating salad not so long ago but stopped immediately because salads are damn expensive here.

6. This morning I made green tea by accident and it made me feel sick because I am more of a black tea kind of person and tbh I don’t really like green tea much but then the sickness passed and it felt like every other ailment (all my colds and angst) went away with it.

7. One recent saturday, I was so numb and tired that I took a short train ride for no real reason and stared at as many people I could (& was surprised by the amount of eye contact I received in a short amount of time)

8. Pls don't judge me but I started using Tinder lolz :)

9. Work has been dreadful recently, I need more work suspensions. I feel bad for always waiting for a torrential downpour.

10. The contents of my purse say a lot about me. I lost my purse.

Things I want/should do

1. Start a new photography project. (my last one was years ago)

2. Visit an amusement park!

3. Make new resolutions & check progress on old ones.

4. Read a book entirely for pleasure. (Any suggestions guys?)

5. Take a day/weekend trip outside of the city.

6. Get back into the habit of finding new bands/music.

7. Finish arrested development.

8. Experiment with recipes and learn more cooking techniques.

9. Reconnect with friends from college.

10. Save money to buy parents something nice for their birthdays.

11. Work on blog contents which have been sleeping on my drafts for months.

12. Sell or donate a large amount of my current wardrobe.

13. Pick up more side jobs and make more $$$ (!!!)

14. Establish an exercise/yoga routine (you lazy bum!)

15. Play any instrument again and learn some new songs. (I badly miss my guitar)

Things I look forward to

1. I've determined I'd still go to Taiwan but with slight modification of dates (already booked for early next year) for various reasons aka to visit relatives, see snow (bc it's been years since my last) but mostly because I no longer have to worry about visa (!!!)

2. Surviving my first advisory engagement deadline this October.

3. Another high school reunion this November <3 (Can't wait to go home!)

4. Remaining more in touch with reality after I made a promise to myself that I would walk around without my headphones more.

5. Pushing for more workload. (and less nagging)

6. Catching up on sleep.

7. Going to more galleries on weekends because I clicked "going" on to many facebook events and I stand by my facebook assertions.

8. Christmas weather! (aka colder ber months)

Things worth remembering

1. "Deeper conversations" aren’t necessarily a prerequisite for deep friendships. If you enjoy talking about certain subjects with certain people, then that’s valid and reason enough to be friends.

2. It’s okay that some people haven’t been through as much as others, you can’t fault anyone for varying degrees and instances of life experience. And just because someone hasn’t literally “been there” doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t try.

3. Liking and enjoying attention is not a crime but it is unfulfilling. So if you’re gonna do it, only do it in moderation, and when possible opt for authentic connections.

4. Maybe it is true that someone can’t completely know you unless they know what you’ve been through but at the same time (a) no one is going to know unless you tell them and (b) you can’t define yourself based on what happened to you or else you will never grow.

5. Weed out anyone who makes you feel bad or guilty for being who you are, spend time only with those who make you happy.

6. For what it is worth I am still guaranteed to swoon when someone addresses me as “miss” hahahaha

7. The best part of any person is character (& the most important in my opinion)

8. I think it’s cute when socks don’t match, but only when it is not on purpose.

9. The look and practice of people sleeping their lives away makes me sad. I am tempted to do the same but I can't help but wake up early. I am in love with mornings <3

10. Wisdom does not imply gray hair but gray hair does imply at least one kind of wisdom: acceptance of age. (experience is beautiful!!!)