To the Sad, the Loved & the Grateful


"Perhaps, the best part about being lost won't exactly be when I get back on track,

but when I look back and marvel just how plenty the wonderful wrong turns

I shall soon manage to surpass."

February 26, 2015



"I can't help but feel scared

that there's still a chance I might be brilliant at something

I will never try in this lifetime."

September 1, 2014



"It is both comforting and frustrating to think

that life is just as splendid as I fool myself into believing that it is."

March 18, 2015



"It's a nostalgic afternoon.

The sky is a blazing orange and my coffee is cold.

It is dreary, but, unsurprisingly, I love it just the way it is."

March 27, 2016



"I fear death, yet I could never let go of the thought

that it is only the happy ending that will genuinely tell me that

I've done well, I've done enough."

July 11, 2014



"Long walks. I love long walks and staring at strangers

and occupying my mind with reasons

why God can't answer my prayers just yet."

October 6, 2015



"I just have to keep reminding myself, I guess,

that everything will fall into place

just as long as I keep doing my part."

january 2, 2017



"I neither feel desperate for happiness nor love.

But I long to feel carefree, go through a typical day,

and just feel alive."

July 29, 2016



"Randomly, I thought, my life is an adorable worst case scenario.

I just have to be patient and wait a bit longer to see it more clearly."

April 17, 2016



"May God help me remember

that nothing is going to happen today

that He and I, together, cannot handle."

December 9, 2015