Vance Joy

Vance Joy is a 26 year old Australian songwriter with a penchant for frisbee and looking at Jim Carrey/Letterman videos on youtube.

Photo Elle

What is the success story of your music?

I get to travel around and make a living at the moment as a musician. That is my success story so far I suppose. Success is relative and a very difficult thing to define. I don’t want to be too worried about it.

Which genre do you prefer, folk or pop?

I don't prefer one - I just want to listen to songs that are good outside of categories.

What’s the integral part about being an independent musician?

I imagine its about having a good team to get your music into the world.


God loves you when you’re dancing. Any advice to terrible dancers (like myself)?

It’s ok to dance to your own beat - even if your not in sync with the others. Enthusiasm is the key and own it always.

What’s the last song you really got obsessed with?
DMA’s Delete

Who would you say would be your biggest influence?
My folks

If you could tell your teenage self on thing, what would it be?

I’d tell 14 year old self: “dont worry - fingering isn’t really a thing once you leave high school”