Who Are Your Fictional Crushes?


from My Mad Fat Diary


Finn Nelson is like my generation's version of Pacey Witter, he's got beauty, brains and brawn. Although he somehow broke my heart on the show's 3rd season (spoiler!!! sorry), how he cared for Rae's insecurities and issues still makes him such a sensible boyfriend material. Plus, his taste in music and 90's cool vibes are to die for.


from The Edge of Seventeen

Erwin Kim, without a doubt, is a spotlight stealer. Erwin is the soft-spoken, charming-yet-awkward and earnest paramour to the morose and lovesick Nadine. Even the way he musters his courage to ask Nadine out gives me butterflies <3 He's the average guy in the corner who secretly deserves the main role. Props to Hayden Szeto, asian men have come a long way from Long Duk Dong!


from Gilmore Girls


I'm usually not into bad boys but Jess Mariano is a total exception. Personally, I think, Jess is by far Rory's best boyfriend (although Rory is such a d*ck now and she most certainly doesn't deserve him). Even though he made unstable decisions in the past, this bookworm is a secret wise-cracking intellectual who made the most romantic gestures.


from The Spectacular Now

Sutter Keely is one big goofy bundle of contradictions. And yet, if there one thing sure, it's that he has the biggest heart. For all his crazy drunken antics and over-the-top behavior, Sutter really is, deep down, a good guy whose character flaws and vulnerabilities are rendered with astonishing authenticity. 


from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Nick O'Leary surely is one of the most adorably awkward character and I know that everyone who watched the movie will totally agree. N&N's Infinite Playlist is perhaps the first hipster romance movie I've seen, and yet Nick remains to be my favorite dweeb. I still dream about all those unlikely cute encounters on a late night in NYC.


from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Shoutout to all my friends who couldn't get over Jung Joon-Hyung! He's the sweetest friend -slash- knight in shining armor who'll do anything (even spending his entire allowance) just to cheer you up if you're having a bad day. He's the guy who'll adore you through your quirky mannerisms, aggressive behavior, crucial personal issues and even pimples and all that stuff. 


from Inuyasha (duh)

No shame! hahaha If I remember it right, Kenshin Himura was my first anime crush but it was Inuyasha that stole my heart. Those piercing half-demon eyes! Lucky Kagome! Considering how clumsy I am, I wish I was the one who shattered the Shikon jewel. Fun fact: I still know its opening song by heart! *Sings I want to change the world


from The First Time


When it comes to dating, Dave Hodgman is all thumbs, he has no idea how on earth he will get to second base. And that awkwardness of his is what makes him so adorable. There's so much to like about Dave but it is still his silliness, laid back character and misgivings that give the story line its interest.


from Sixteen Candles

33 years later, Jake Ryan and his red Porsche is still the epitome of a high school heartthrob. The one we all lusted after, but knew realistically wouldn’t look twice at us. He dumps the cheerleader (nicely dumps her at that) for the quiet nerdy girl who’s been stalking him and giving him the eye for weeks. Follow your heart, right, Jake?


from Bridget Jones's Diary

Mark Darcy has been the benchmark for all my other crushes for the longest time. It would have been nice to have someone like the real Mark Fitzwilliam Darcy, but Pride and Prejudice is a little too intense for me. Nonetheless, Bridget's Mr. Darcy basically ruined all other men. He's remarkably smart, perpetually sweet and irresistibly dashing. So British indeed!


from 50 First Dates

I've always found humor very attractive, and if you add effort (like real effort), then you get the ever admirable Henry Roth. He's simple, silly and manifestly considerate. Despite the fact that he has a long history of lying to women, don't be that cool kid who hates these impeccably romantic movies, because let's face it, they're quite a lovable duo!


from Flipped


Bryce Loski is the kind of guy that every girl would melt over. However, there is another side to Bryce, a side that you have to dig deep to find in him. My favorite part was that in the end where he shows Juli how he feels about her by planting a sycamore tree in her front yard. Oh that blonde hair and those "dazzling" blue eyes!

It had a difficult time trying to narrow down the list into 12 because I have my girl crushes too but I hope this works as well. Who else do you find swoon worthy in the world of tv and movies that should be included in the list? <3