Mid-2017 on the Record

Oh gosh, hi!

Now how should I start this blogpost. It seems likes I’m unable to remember how to write a proper one without sounding too sappy. Is it possible that reviewing for the board exam has single handedly drained me of my creative fervor? I hope not.


  • constantly laughing my ass off hilarious memes
  • scaring out my neighbors while belting out on Jazmine Sullivan's I'll bust your windows out your car and insanely sad old love songs *sings who’s holding donna now*
  • obsessing over dylan minette's vids because his voice is to die for
  • stalking crush on facebook because his smile, his humor, his uniform, his wit aaaaahhhh just melt all my stomach fats away
  • eating lunch out with new found review-friends
  • annoyingly snuggling my youngest sister and acting *horrifyingly*cute whenever I have time to visit home



  • Proper photoshoot
  • Itching to chop my hair like Bae Suzy because let's face it, hers is so bomb but a little too scared to cut too short so I might resort to lob or bangs¬
  • Karaoke until
  • Find new songs because I've been repeating the same 113 songs for the past 3 months
  • Visit my cousins and probably go on a cousins' trip either to banawe or pulag
  • Third rate my way


Another concrete piece of advice


So here’s a request, if in case I missed any of your wonderful posts then pls comment your links below. It would be lovely to get my thoughts off