Mr. Dream Boy


The most romantic relationship I’ve had is with a guy I had gone out on 11 dates for eight months in a row. That means, we basically met once a month (hahaha for real) and had very few late night conversation. We were complete strangers at first. We had this common friend, whom he asked my facebook and number from. It was the same friend who swayed me to give casual dating a chance, which I did. We only met a few times but I was always impressed of how buoyant and thoughtful he was (& hope he still is). We liked going to pretty predictable dates; movies, food and lazy evenings with ice cream or coffee. It may sound boring, but we "somehow" enjoyed it. Don't get me wrong, I loved how effortless it was that in the first stages of dating, I was so convinced it would work, hahaha I even blogged about it.

But evidently, in the end, it didn’t work out. We had troubles with communication and I’ve always been this independent girl who have these commitment issues, so it was more of a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ kind of situation when we decided to stop seeing each other. I thought we had a decent and rational discussion before we terminated whatever the special treatment was that existed between us, but a day after we talked, he blocked me on facebook and I haven’t talked to him ever since. I, on the other hand, an inexperienced prude, have remained clueless on why he has been ignoring me when it was crystal clear that we mutually agreed to settle things. It was not even a break up, it was an understanding. But I guess, I was insensitive and sometimes that’s just how some people cope up.

However, with such short experience, I "feel" like I’ve grown more emotionally stable to know what it is that I should be looking for in a partner. So do I have a type? Truth is, I never knew I did, until I dated someone who wasn’t…


I like deep voices, tan skin and hazel eyes I could stare at for hours.

I get easily attracted to someone who sings

and a fellow two-left-feet dancer who is not withdrawn to show that he is.

I like someone I can share earphones with because we both adore the same songs and movies.

I am charmed by those who can carry a simple shirt and jeans so well. 

I prefer people who are sincere rather than sweet,

people who are sensible rather than sharp-witted,

people who are charismatic rather than good-looking,

people who are more conscious about how they act rather than how they look.

I am drawn to  someone who does even the smallest acts of kindness,

To someone who I can talk to for hours,

To someone who can laugh at my jokes despite how terrible they are,

To someone who is not reluctant to ease my troubles away whenever I'm having a bad day,

To someone who can appreciate my opinion and weird theories about life,

To someone who acknowledge my existence to their friends and family.

Ultimately, I would love to have someone who can simultaneously accept me as I am, today,

but is also excited about who I can be, tomorrow.

Someone who can unremittingly remind me

that my limitations or flaws are something to behold and admire,

but only briefly – only before they evolve into catalysts of change, and a purpose to grow.

Someone who will do literally anything it takes to help me reach new, greater heights,

who is not afraid to challenge and ask the hard questions,

because sometimes “having your best interest at heart”

looks a little realer and grittier than we are led to believe.


Oh crap, now it sounds all too cheesy.

My most recent crush was a guy who paid for my fishballs when manong seller didn't have any change for my money hahaha, apparently, I am very particular about the kindness part. I hate people who are arrogant, hypocrite and those who suddenly becomes aloof without any logical reason. 

Although, just to be clear, I'm not looking for anyone. And I'm not saying that dating your type is a concrete piece of advice towards a healthy long romance. Then again, it might be the inception. It's the butterflies in the stomach in the beginning that attracts one's willingness to actually start and, perhaps, stay in a relationship after all. 

So do you have a type? and who's excited for The Big Sick <3?

xx Tienne